We constantly hear slogans and sayings like “buy local” and “support your local so-and-so” when it comes to shopping and consumer lifestyles. However, it might be more difficult to do this when you are looking for a quality service professional to help with the goings-on in your home. Not only are you trusting a local service company with your home’s well-being, but you are also looking for one you can continually count on to come back and handle any similar job. When it comes to your roof you want to be sure the person walking on top of your house will not only keep it from collapsing, but is also someone who you can feel certain will be honest and communicative with you about the service you need. The Tipp City and Dayton areas will no longer have to look for a great local roofing company because Hinkle & Van Dine Roofing is Ohio’s friendliest and most transparent group of roofing contractors, and we want you to know some of the reasons choosing a local roofer will be far better in the long run.

First Name Basis

It is important that after one interaction with your roofing contractor you feel comfortable knowing that they have done a good job and that they are a friendly person to have around. Rather than the awkward interaction with someone who shows up to do a job, hardly speaks to you, then expects payment and leaves, Hinkle & Van Dine strives for something different. We pride ourselves not only on offering quality roof repair services but also on the personal touch we provide. You will never feel like you’re letting a stranger into your home, but instead, you’ll feel as though a friend of yours is extremely handy and experienced when it comes to roof repair.

Hometown Feel

There are few things more frustrating than calling on a service professional for something like a roof leak repair and having them give you a huge time frame in which they may show up. Then, as soon as you think they’re calling to say they’re on their way, they are asking you for directions. Then the waiting game begins all over, as you prepare to call that “nationally recognized” roofer to complain, only to be greeted by even worse customer service on the phone. When you hire Hinkle & Van Dine as your roofing company, homeowners in the Tipp City area can be assured that their roofer will know exactly where they are going and will treat you like a favorite neighbor. Our roof construction professionals are the best in the business at roofing and in ensuring our clients are at ease and can count on us to be punctual and professional.

Honesty is Key

Hinkle & Van Dine Roofing knows that a roof repair is not an inexpensive item to cross off the to-do list. Much like getting an oil change, you may encounter some roofing companies who reveal a laundry list of “unforeseen issues” that lead to your bill shooting through the roof, almost literally. Our company’s goal, however, is to ensure the cost of a new roof or roof repair is 100 percent transparent. We will never go out of our way to upcharge you, especially if an item is unnecessary. You will always be able to count on an honest and necessary list of to-dos from our roofing team.

If you are looking for the finest group of roofing contractors in the Dayton and Tipp City areas, trust the professionals at Hinkle & Van Dine Roofing. We are not only your roofers, but your neighbors, and we strive to bring that feeling to any and all jobs we are entrusted with. Don’t let your roof ailments get any worse; give us a call today!