4 Signs You Need Roofing Repairs

4 Signs You Need Roofing Repairs

Knowing when to repair your roof could save you hundreds of dollars from getting a total replacement. If your shingles are still below the 15-20 year manufacturer lifespan, getting repairs done on your roof compared to a complete replacement could save you time and money. Here at Hinkle and Van Dine Roofing specialize in both as well as gutter repair to make sure your roof is always up to speck. We even offer special offers for first-time customers, so contact us today to start your next project.

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Missing Shingles

One sign that it is time to get repairs done on your roof is if you have missing shingles. Long-term wear, high winds, or after a significant storm can cause shingles to be broken or go missing. Although a few broken shingles are nothing to worry about, we at Hinkle and Van Dine Roofing still recommend getting them repaired.


Storm Damage

If you live in an area prone to high winds, tornados, hurricanes, or hail, it is a good idea to check your shingles after any storm to check for damage. Make sure your roof is in good condition before any storm to avoid other major problems like leaks and significant damage to your roof.


Water Leaks

If you have leaks in your ceiling, chances are you have a leak in your roof. Even a tiny dropping leak can have significant consequences if not promptly repaired. These leaks can lead to water damage to your home’s frame, which can lead to even more bills if not tended to.

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Granules in the Gutters

If you are cleaning your gutters during the warmer months, you may see granules of shingles in your gutters. This signifies that your shingles are wearing out and may need to be repaired. Check when your roof was last replaced, and if it is under the 15-20 year manufacturer lifespan, it is best to get them repaired.

As long as you are under the manufacturer’s lifespan of your shingles, you can save money and headaches by getting minor repairs done to keep your roof in tip-top shape. We here at Hinkle and Van Dine Roofing do everything from minor repairs to complete replacements, so if you want an experienced team to take care of your roof, contact us today to set up a free estimate.

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