Is It Better To Repair or Replace a Roof?

Is It Better To Repair or Replace a Roof?

Deciding whether to get your roof repaired or replaced can be confusing. There is a significant price difference between the two, and one takes longer than the other. Here at Hinkle Roofing and Exteriors, we specialize in both and want to give you some tips on deciding between getting your roof repaired and when to get a total replacement.


Storm Damage

If you live in an area with frequent high winds, intense storms, tornados, or hurricanes, chances are you have had to deal with roof damage at one point or another. Hail can cause significant damage to houses if their roofs are not taken care of, and it’s always a good idea to assess the damage after any storm. You can get away with a minor repair if a few shingles are missing or broken. However, if multiple shingles are missing or there is significant damage, a total replacement is in order.


Missing Shingles

If you are missing a few shingles after a storm or due to age, you can get away with replacing those shingles if your roof is below the 15-20 manufacturer lifespan. However, if you have roof damage and are within or over the manufacturer's lifespan for your shingles, a total replacement will save you money in the long run.


Curb Appeal

If you want to sell your home or rent it out to new tenets, Having an entirely replaced roof ready for the new owners is an excellent investment. This also ensures that all the shingles match in color and fade at equal rates.


Age of Roof

Most shingles have a manufacturer lifespan of 15-20 years before they need replacing. If your current roof is under this lifespan, you can save some money by doing some minor repairs on your roof. However, if you are within or over this lifespan, getting a total roof replacement will save you money in frequent repairs. In some cases, insurance companies may be able to reimburse you for some or all of the replacement.

Overall, getting your roof replaced will cost more than getting a repair; however, if you are over your shingle’s lifespan, getting a replacement is the best move. However, if you are looking to save money and are under your shingle’s lifespan, doing minor repairs will be fine. Whether you want roof repairs, replacements, or gutter repairs, Hinkle Roofing & Exteriors has you covered with our roofing services. Contact us today to set up your free estimate.

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