Quality Siding Services For Dayton and Columbus Ohio Area

The siding that encases and protects your home is a vital part of any structure. Keeping the elements, as well as moisture, away from the house interior is important for the long-term health of both you and your property. When rainwater is able to penetrate old and ineffective siding, a number of issues can form, from mold and mildew to structural issues within the foundation. When your home’s siding looks like it’s seen better days, it could be time to contact Hinkle & Van Dine Roofing! Our roof repair specialists also hold experience and training in siding repair and installation services. For more than 50 years, our roofing and siding contractors have been providing top-notch services to Tipp City and beyond. When your home is in need of service, make sure you turn to an honest, reliable source for help. Once the time comes to find a professional, our siding company is ready to help!

A Litany of Risks

Ohio is home to a wide range of temperatures and weather patterns, creating a unique mixture of issues that can affect your home’s roof and siding. Factors such as mold, mildew, rot, heavy storms, excessive heat, rust, and more can work in tandem to create a very hostile environment for your home siding. When damages start to appear, don’t risk delaying to call! The next storm system could prove to be an expensive fix if you put off today’s repairs

Siding Repair Services

In addition to soffit and fascia repairs, Hinkle & Van Dine is able to offer comprehensive house siding repair as well. Regardless of what material your house is encased in, our siding contractors have the skill and experience to offer fast, affordable repairs. By performing a comprehensive inspection for risks and creating a customized service plan, Hinkle & Van Dine will be able to deliver quality results that you will be more than pleased with. From the fasteners to damaged sections, every part of your home’s exterior will be taken care of to ensure optimal protection during the worst weather patterns.

Siding Replacement

When the exterior of your home is at the point where all of the TLC and maintenance in the world won’t work, it may be time for new siding installation. Ordering a full replacement service can provide numerous benefits to your Troy or Tipp City home, including:

  • Increased energy efficiency. New siding comes with several options for better insulation of your home, from quality house wraps to rigid foam inserts and more. The end result is a home that is better insulated and keeps the interior temperature consistent, keeping your place comfortable while placing less demand on your HVAC units.
  • Improved curb appeal. The aesthetic value of your new siding will help to immediately improve the exterior quality and boost the property value. While older, aging siding tends to discolor, rust, or warp over time, replacement products tend to be clean and vibrant. While our siding contractors are performing the installation, we can also perform other improvements to your home as well!
  • Structural improvements. Over the years, a small leak can begin to create big problems for your home’s structural integrity. From rotting posts to compromised wires and damp insulation, the hidden damages behind improper siding can add up. Our roofing specialists will be able to perform these repairs from the exterior of your home, creating instant improvements in a quick and affordable manner.

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